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Early bird announcement

 Dear Management Consultants and friends,


A unique gathering of top management consultants is going to happen in the early days of July 2013.
At the moment when Lithuania is taking over the Chair of the European Union, the first official event will be launched by ICMCI, the International Counsel of Management Consulting Institutes.
Together with our Lithuanian partners we are presenting you the first ever worldwide conference for members and all who are interested in the management consulting profession.




Key theme of this first conference will be “international consulting” and we will focus on the role and contribution of the profession in the worldwide transition between West and East at large.
An impressive lineup of scientists, politicians, captains of industry and practitioners will contribute to this high level knowledge sharing event.
Several sessions will give direct value for money, while supplying you with ideas and practical tips for the international practice. But also local working consultants and clients will benefit tremendously from this conference!


We expect you to participate, because:

1. This event is meant to be the first of a long tradition of yearly worldwide conferences under the umbrella of ICMCI: your presence will be key to start this tradition

2. You will be offered a unique number of high level contributions to help you raising your level as a consultant

3. You will have the chance to “meet and greet” many important colleagues from different countries, whom you will add to your network

4. You are offered concrete possibilities in various countries to expand your cross border activities

5. Many colleagues will get acquainted with you and the opportunities you can offer to them in your home country

6. Possible clients and intermediates are easy approachable for short interviews and information about your possibilities in the profession

7. Vilnius is a great town and you will enjoy (with or without your partner) your time in Lithuania thoroughly!


Conference agenda, speakers, accomodation types & all relevant information maybe obtained clicking THIS LINK. Please read the conference information in full, as well as the information on how to register Your attendance and make use of early bird registration.


Hope to meet you in Vilnius, Lithuania!



ICMCI Annual meeting

 October 3-6th, 2012 Ececutive director will represent Association of Management Consultants of Lithuania in the Annual meeting taking place in Orlando, USA.



 October 17th, 2012, members of Association of Management Consultants of Lithuania are welcome to socialize. Rob Wagenaar, a rpresentative from ICMCI Executive Cmmittee, will present ICMCI and the projects organisation is running. Rita Reksiute Balsiene will present peer coaching sessions for members to be organised this autumn.


Members are welcome!


Profesinių asociacijų atstovų susitikimas

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 Š.m. liepos 4d. LVKA iniciatyva, įvyko profesinių asociacijų atstovų susitikimas. Džiaugiamės, kad susitikime dalyvavo net šešių Asociacijų atstovai:



1.       Lietuvos vadybos konsultantų asociacija : Solveiga Grudienė, Arvydas Augustaitis, Lina Grigonytė.
2.       Personalo valdymo profesionalų asociacija: Nijolė Kudabienė, Nijolė Kelpšaitė.
3.       LiMA (Lietuvos marketingo asociacija): Ieva Naujalytė ir Simonas Bartkus.
4.       ICF Lietuva (International Coach Federation): Tomas Misiukonis.
5.       Lietuvos komunikacijos agentūrų asociacija KOMAA: Lauryna Macijauskaitė.
6.       Lietuvos projektų vadybos asociacija : Aurimas Pautienius.

Diskusiją pradėjome ieškodami bendrų salyčio taškų, motyvacija bei lūkesčiais dėl bendradarbiavimo. Jų suradome mažiausiai dvidešimt - vienų ilgalaikių, kitų trumpalaikių. Tai nuteikė entuziastingai, nors atostogų sezonas, suplanuota keletas susitikimų ateičiai konkrečiais klausimais. Tikimės ilgalaikio ir rezultatyvaus bendradarbiavimo!!!!



ICMCI Eurohub 2012, Budapest

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 Šių metų gegužės 10-11d. LVKA dalyvavo kasmetiniame Europos Vadybos konsultantų asociacijų susitikime Budapešte.


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